Hire professional snow removal services for
your snow-covered roof in Ottawa, Ontario

Are you aware of the dangers of snow-covered roofs?

Each winter, homeowners are facing heavy snowfalls, freezing rain and a series of intermittent snow or ice events. These extreme temperatures tend to stress and damage properties. It is important each year to be well prepared to face winter temperatures.

The snow accumulating on your roof can be dangerous, both to passers by and for the damage it causes to your roof structure. The damage can lead it to sag and even collapse. According to NBC News reports, 2 feet of snow on an average-sized roof can equal 38,000 pounds. Snow is heavy by itself, but when nature adds rain, ice and sleet to the snow, its weight increases significantly.

Heavy weight on a structure causes it to weaken and develop structural complications, such as cracks in the walls. When spring returns, the melting of all this snow and ice can cause water damage to your roof, leading it to rot, destroy your insulation, flood your attic and even cause damage to the interior of your home.

Why hire a professional rather than remove the snow yourself?

The damage of a snow-covered roof can be prevented by hiring the expert services of a snow removal company. Of course it is possible to remove all that snow by yourself, however, beware that removing snow from a roof is a dangerous task. This activity requires not only special equipment, but there may be layers of ice, vents, electric installations, and other dangers nearby that a professional knows to avoid.

Working on a snow-covered roof exposes you to significant dangers, including serious falls and exposure to very cold temperatures. Professional snow removers know what to look for on roofs and they use the appropriate equipment to work safely. Did you know that most officials in Canada prefer people not to remove the snow from their roof themselves? The weight of one person may just be enough to cause your roof to collapse.

Why call a professional to remove your snow?

- They use the appropriate techniques and tools to plow your roof without damaging it. It is better to leave a small layer of snow on your roof to protect its the top layer.

- They have the proper tools to work safely, without hurting themselves or others walking by the property.

- They can secure the perimeter of the property.

According to the Institute for Castatrophic Loss Reduction, disaster losses are easily preventable when properly prepared each winter. In order to prevent roof collapse, you should determine whether your roof is susceptible to significant accumulation of snow and ice. Your roof's slope will help you in determining how it accumulates snow and ice. However, it doesn't mean that your roof's slope is optimal that it won't accumulate snow and ice and eventually collapse. You should always check to make sure it is in good condition. Be careful that chimneys, air vents, and other obstructions on your roof are clear from build-ups.

What are the warning signs that your roof may be about to collapse?

A sagging roof is the most obvious sign that a roof is about to collapse. Noise comming from your roof, such as cracking, popping and creaking sounds, means that you should evacuate the building immediately and call the proper authorities. Noise are a good indicators of the state of a roof about to collapse. The damage snow-covered roofs cause to the structure of a home can lead to severe roof leaks, to cracks in a wall, cause doors to pop open, and damage the structure of the windows. If you are unsure that your roof can sustain heavy snow and ice build-ups, you should hire a contrator to establish the strenght and needs of you roof.

Reduce injuries and property damage by using the services of a professional snow removal company, call the experts of our entreprise today!

Homeowners and business owners should be prepared each winter for extreme temperatures, including intermittent snow and ice events. Not every roof is strong enough to sustain the heavy weight of snow and ice, so you should make sure to pay attention to the warning signs of a collapsing roof: sagging roof, creaking sounds, doors popping, etc. Be reassured by calling our entreprise for professional snow removal services in Ottawa!